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I Am Not Smart

“I believe I am not smart” – a comment shared with me and unfortunately a belief that many have about themselves.

This video is challenging that programming and encouraging you to pursue your dreams and desires.

My Partner Is My Problem

In this video I share my response to a passenger that said “My Partner is My Problem.”

Many believe if their partner got themselves together (by doing what they believe is best), their issues would disappear.

In this video I share your role in all relationships.

I Am With The Wrong Person

“I am with the wrong person” is a belief that many have. In this video I share that you are always with the “right person” for where you are at the moment.

All Men Are Dogs

“All Men are Dogs” is a phrase that is used a lot in our culture. In this video I share why you must evaluate yourself, if you are only attracting “Dogs”.

Can I Love Again

A gentleman asked:”If you get hurt in a relationship, can you love again. In this video I share my perspective on love and intimacy..

Me Time

Taking time out of my drive to take care of me. There is nothing more important than taking time for you and relaxing your mind.

People – I Don’t Need Them

This is a comment that was shared with me by a rider. In this video I share the significance of people in your life.


The homelessness situation is getting worse.

Many are quick to judge.

In this video, I share my perspective

Finding Purpose

Many continue to question what is the purpose of life. For some, they actually take their own life because they can’t answer that question.

I believe the world has made it seem mystical and in this video I simplify it.